• Philosophy:
    I am passionate about teaching. My goal is to ensure students understand the foundational knowledge, to work collaboratively, and to develop problem-solving strategies. I strive to be clear, concise, and to ensure my students master the intended learning outcomes of the course. Different students learn in different ways. There is no one teaching style that will fit all. I believe in student-centered active learning, a strategy like team-based learning (TBL), which enables students to develop generic professional skills such as problem-solving and interpersonal team skills while learning the course conceptual material better than with the traditional lecture-based strategy. While teaching different courses in the engineering field, I found that a hybrid model of both team-based(Problem /project-based ) learning and traditional lecture-based strategy is important taking into consideration the class size, and the different ways students tend to learn new concepts.

California State University, San Bernardino:

  • CSE 208: Introduction to Computer Engineering Design (Fall19)
  • CSE 431: Algorithms Analysis (Fall19)

University of the Pacific:

  • ECPE 41/41L: Circuits
  • ECPE 71/71L: Digital Design
  • ECPE 170: Computer Systems and Networks
  • ECPE 293B: Embedded Systems

University of Missouri:

  • ECE 4270: Computer Organization
  • ECE 4250: VHDL and Programmable Logic Devices,
  • ECE 3210: Microprocessor Engineering
  • ECE 3220: Software Design/Computing for Embedded Systems
  • ECE /ENGR 2100: Circuits Theory