The research focused on older adults continues to promote successful aging, enhance the overall quality of life by early illness recognition, provide adequate medical care, and keep health care costs under control. A major advancement is linking their sensors data into the connected health systems. This continues to be an area of interest to the research community. My goal is to build a practical system that would utilize existing sensors technology (floor-based, wearable, video-based i.e Kinect …etc) and the fusion of their data to solve such problems. In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the unprecedented volume of sensor data collected from various sensors, is a motivation to discover the insights from this data, and to extract useful information about Early Illness Recognition, and daily human activities. By the advanced use of computational intelligence algorithms, side by side with the high-performance computing technologies; GPUs, and heterogeneous architecture tools will assist in building complete intelligence and big data-enabled systems.